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At work the pressures to get people seen, assessed and home as quickly (and safely) as possible continues.  All week there were reminders of just how busy we were.  Emails, crisis meetings, phone calls from managers.  Even the TV offered no chance of respite – The NHS ‘crisis’ was making headline news almost every day.

Yes, the war of rhetoric versus reality seemed never ending.

It would be exhausting if it weren’t for the glimmers of light that insisted on shining through.  It’s been a really weird week in that respect.  Without particularly looking for them they appeared.  This is what I want to get into this week – inspirational people.

Throughout my life I have looked to others to inspire me with confidence, a sense of belonging and a sense of possibility.  Watching Barack Obama’s farewell speech this week however, got me thinking about not just how some are able to inspire, but why is it that we seem to need these people?  Why can’t we inspire ourselves?  Bear with me as I realise that may sound a bit conceited or even arrogant.

When Joe Biden was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom with distinction, he spoke about ‘getting credit he didn’t deserve’.  In fact his whole speech was incredibly humble and yet to many he is an inspiration.

I think we want to mirror aspects of our own character in other people whilst recognising that we are all a bit flawed.

So coming back to reality how do we do this?  Moreover, how do we do this at this particular time in the NHS’s history?

We are all trained to put the needs of our patients above anything else.  We need to remind ourselves though that we are as important as our patients. The system continues to limp on but if we as a workforce become sick who is going to take care of us?

How we do this is a matter of style (or taste). To quote Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation ‘one person’s annoying is another person’s heroic and inspirational’

I am a fairly social creature so will look to bring people together with coffee, cake or a simple ‘how’s it going?’

That said, I do think we need to come back to the idea that we can and should inspire ourselves.  We need to tell ourselves ‘You’ve got this! You are amazing, cut yourself some slack.’ Easier said than done when all hell is breaking loose but if I may, can I suggest that you write down some inspirational phrases or quotes.  Put them on your desk so when you’re in the midst of chaos and cannot see, they will make you smile, they will reassure, they will offer hope.

Who knows they may even creep into your subconscious so that…

‘….every time it rains

You’re here in my head

Like the sun coming out

…..I just know that something good is going to happen

… I don’t know when

But just saying it could even make it happen’

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