I need to write this sh*t down (or thoughts of a busy mind…)


Hello, my name is Claire. I have some stuff to say and thoughts to share. I want to add my voice to a conversation that has been going for a while.  What is the topic of conversation? Equity.  Equity of choice. Equity of opportunity.

For a long time I thought I ought to write about equality especially being female but the concept just doesn’t work for me.  There are some things in life that are not the same. I personally believe that difference is to be celebrated. Being equal seems to my mind a way to stifle that. However I do believe in equity.  I think it represents where we are these days.  Apparently it came from the Latin word aequus meaning equal. Given that Latin is a dead language it seems fitting that we have evolved from that to equity.(Also I chose to do home economics instead of Latin at school and I have to say, it was one of my better life choices…..)

So, here I am. Hello!

I really want this blog to be thought of as a Smorgasbord or scrapbook of thoughts and ideas. They’ll all be centred loosely around things I’m passionate about; education, women in leadership, faith, healthcare (especially for older people) and sparkly stuff.

In the aftermath of Brexit and yet another horrific attack on human life I found it hard to have anything positive to say at all, never mind write a blog. Wherever you looked you were assaulted by anger and fear. The world, it appeared, had begun to dislocate and fracture.

That said I think there are constants in a sea of change but it starts with you. It starts with kindness, the foundation for all that is good, fair, happy and positive in life.

I realise this isn’t exactly a new concept but it amazes me how much people continue to be so wrapped up in what other people think, do or say to the total detriment of their own well being.

So really its about choice. And it needn’t be hard. Merely pausing to check in with yourself can be enough. Find your go to happy place – have a brew and cake, stare at photos of tropical beaches, pay someone a compliment. A personal fav at work is to write messages to myself in the calendar as ‘Future Claire’. Messages like ‘you have an awesome day! – Future Claire’ always makes me grin widely when I see them (the trick is to forget you wrote them so space them out).

Once you start being kind to yourself it becomes contagious. You’ll find without realising you’ll extend that kindness to others who will in turn (hopefully) do the same.

Now thats a force for change I can totally support!

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